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Nov 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
developed a deep love for baltimore city and a true understanding how baltimore works. bailey became a creative genius at promoting and highlighting the many achievements of the city under mayor schaefer. before mayor schaefer left city hall, he nominated bailey to serve as president of the baltimore city school board. in that role she helped parents and a navigate the school bureaucracy, suggested workable solutions for teachers and brought a commonsense approach to the baltimore city school system. but bailey's knowledge and expertise goes beyond knowing how government works. she has had her pulse on baltimore and on maryland. she knows the key players this the city and state, many on a personal level. for many years bailey has been the go-to person when people need to get things done. without a doubt she has been an invaluable resource to my entire staff, to me and the people of maryland. but she is also a tireless advocate and a voice for families and individuals who may not have had the understanding or resources to access the services they need. what whether it's working with t
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm EST
these detainees whom we won't send to other countries and cities and towns across the united states of america? the federal government's primary responsibility is to keep the american people safe. keeping these detainees at gitmo accomplishes that goal. i urge my colleagues to support the ayotte amendment and i would yield -- excuse me -- and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: a senator: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from oklahoma. mr. inhofe: i also ask i be recognized as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. inhofe: the senator from georgia is exactly right. ayotte i don't think in the years i've been here where everyone is in agreement with. we go back to 2007. 94 members of this senate got together and they said -- and this is all documented -- that detainees housed at guantanamo bay should not be released into american society or transferred stateside into facilities. we all he agreed on that and again in 2009 and every year since then as the senator from georgia says. a lot of people have forgotten. we've had this issue for so ma
Nov 28, 2012 9:00am EST
and chancellor of the new york city public schools joel kline had a somewhat on education reform in washington examining america's education system and the impact on national security. council on foreign relations moderates the discussion, about an hour. >> welcome to this evening, broadcast of morning joe. the energy in this room is a real testament to two things. one is how the education reform has ripened, a combination of meade, the talent we see in this room has coalesced on the issue of new technologies but there is a sense that the moment has arrived and the other is jeb bush. [applause] >> i am a great believer that two things matter in life. won his ideas and the other is people. that is the real driver of change, the real driver of history. when you unpack it all and jeb bush is a perfect example. the coming together of a person with real talent and drive with a set of ideas and this is one of them. the fact that you are all here is the greatest salute you could give. condoleezza rice and i come out of a national security background. we use to mess around with something called the ra
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm EST
. president, if -- there are a lot of things that make america a shining city on a hill but there's one thing that no one can dispute that does put america as a shining city on a hill, and that is the americans with disabilities act, and what it has done to our society. like our civil rights act. what it's done to break down the barriers and to show that people with disabilities can contribute to society, if only given the chance and the opportunity. i would think that we would want for them to then say yes, we'll be a part of a worldwide effort to break down those barriers against people with disabilities we want be part of a worldwide effort that says it's not right, it's not okay, to leave a baby on the side of the road to die simply because that baby has down syndrome. you would think we would want to be part of an effort, a global effort that says it's not all right to keep kids out of school and away from education because they have a physical disability, they use a wheelchair. or an intellectual disability. you would think we would want to be part of an effort like that that says it is
Dec 4, 2012 9:00am EST
to overcome an object city national minority -- obstinate minority. cloture is needed, we're told, because members of the minority refuse to stop delaying. but does filing cloture hon a matter, be it a bill, amendment, or conference report, on the very same day the senate is considering that matter indicate a minority that is prolonging debate or does it indicate a majority that is eager not to have a debate at all? to me, a habitual effort to file cloture on a matter as soon as the senate begins to consider the matter indicates the latter. and what do the numbers show about the use of cloture by this democratic majority? according to c.r.s., the current senate majority has filed cloture on a amendmen a matter y same day it considered the matter three and a half more times than the senate republicans did it when they were in the majority. the current democratic majority has done so well over 100 times. to put it another way, senate democrats are much more apt to try to shut off debate on a matter as soon as the senate begins to consider a matter than were previous majorities, including mo
Dec 3, 2012 8:30am EST
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Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
violations. many people have heard of timbuktu but don't know it's a city in northern mali. in a site where extremists have behaved much like the taliban did in afghanistan before 9/11, destroying sacred and religious historic artifacts, imposing a harsh version of sharia that has meant amputations, stoning, violation of women's rights and free speech and religious free exercise rights, fundamentalling changing the tolerance and inclusive history of mali and creating with it a humanitarian crisis as more than 400,000 malians have fled, either internally displaced within mali or going to neighboring countries with refugees. with growing ties between these terrorists and nigeria, libya and throughout the region, aqim we believe may now use its safe haven in northern mali to plan for regional or trans-national terrorist attacks. and just as we should not have ignored developments in afghanistan which seemed a remote and troubled country when the taliban took it over more than a dozen years ago, so, too, we would ignore the chaos in northern mali at our peril. in fact, secretary clinton has rec
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
areas of all new york city. i was on the ground from the moment the storm started. the amount of devastation that i saw was unimaginable. 24 staten islanders lost their lives. families lost everything. homes were literally torn off their foundations. some collapsed. large boats, yachts were scattered deepened the neighborhoods piled up on two peoples homes. more than 100,000 were without power for weeks. people slept in a cold, damp home, and for his of to move to a shelter because we were afraid of losing. the streets were dark. they were littered with what was once their home and their personal belongings. and as a community and as a city, we came together and we cleaned up the surface rather quickly. but there are still much deeper and continuing challenges that remain. families are still in shelters. the need for housing is one of our top priorities. others are struggling with fema and sba to receive adequate assistance. the our health concerns, fuel spilled into people's yards and homes. raw sewage backed up and filled peoples homes to this evening. homeowners are uncerta
Nov 30, 2012 12:00pm EST
and gifted leader. in a city where people stopped learning when they gain power, mike has shown that the closer you get to power, the more you need to humble yourself and learn new things. he's been montana toarg staff and others for -- mentoring staff and others on the hill for years in reading groups and bible studies and where he has shared his wisdom, his faith, and his heart. as many in the senate know, mike has a.l.s., lou gehrig's disease. for weeks, he's been battling, actually months, he's been battling to continue to fulfill his responsibilities here when most of us would have said it's too difficult, i can't do it. he's overcome challenges that most of us can scarcely imagine. he's done so with grace, humility, and an unbelievable level of courage. and through this, we have seen that he has inspired everybody on my team with both his spirit and his tenacity. in these difficult circumstances, mike has been an extraordinary servant and faithful leader. he's still the guy that cares more about other people than himself. the kindness he has shown to everyone he's encounte
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)